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by Sad Kid

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released May 19, 2017

Produced by Cris Kirkwood
Recorded at Premier Studios
Engineered by Jeremy Parker



all rights reserved


Sad Kid Phoenix, Arizona

Sad Kid’s dark and gritty delivery assures you that you’re listening to punks with actual problems. The musical mood swings of Sad Kid songs leave you knowing that parents, partners, and police have all been more than unkind to them.

Phoenix, AZ
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Track Name: Bad Boys Sad Sex
Take hold of my breath
Tear at my neck
Battered and beaten
For secrets i kept
Go for the throat
Throw on your coat
Leave me alone with
Broken bottles and coke
I've been slapped in the face
By the ghost in your place
Haunted by memories
Of years lying in waste
Listen to your mother
I could never be your lover
Don't think I can grow up
Im a Burnt out bummer.

Call me at midnight
Drunk on your way home
How have you been love
sad sick and alone

Im One foot from six feet deep
Let me sink oh let me sink

Call me at midnight
Drunk on your way home
How have you been love
sad sick and alone
Track Name: Gas Station Burrito
Chewed through my skin
To get to the bone
You found me half eaten dead in my home
Ate my other half to feel some sort of peace
And all that was left was taken by bees
So now im Useful as useful as useful can be
When the things that I love can finally use me

Well everything dies what a bummer I know
From the carcass of humans to the plants that you grow
Yea man it consumes until you're nothing left
Those feelings you feel that are best left in your chest
Now you're useful as useful as useful can be
When the things around you can finally fucking breathe

Useful as useful as useful can be ( ×4)
Track Name: You're The Worst
What do you know
Back to the grind
Blacking out
One xany at a time
Forgot my place
forgot to try
Hoping, falling
Clutching to my mind
Ladies and gentlemen Here he is
The big man with the new big biz
Gripping at his tie
Or the neck of his kids
Gripping at his high
Hes blowing off his lid
And he's getting by
with his new girlfriend
Off again with her prescription
Power hungry generating
baby's made of shit and lead
Complications in my head

Everyone has a schedule
Everyones heart is cold
And if they claim to love you
It's cause they shoved you in their mold.
Track Name: Sad Boys Bad Sex
I'm laughing at nothing
You look for a sign
You're hope is so touching
But it's no hope of mine
So look forward my friend
Take a step towards oblivion
So Tear off your tounge
And become your own villain
Breathe in breathe out
Stop breathing at all
Make up excuses take me down when you fall
The shell of a man who is broken from love
The voice of the man
That screams I don't give a fuck

So take me in and push me out
Save yourself from me
But you think you need it now
And man I need to breathe
So I'll rip out my throat so that I won't have to sing
About the good times and the bad times and the day that you left me

Good God won't you let me go so that one day I can die alone.